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Subjective response to Matisse's works

Most of Henri Matisse's artworks show a happy theme, the use of colours in the works are really bright and they stand out a lot, not a lot of dark colours are used so to me, they look very lively. The big variety of colours makes them unique but I don't personally love all the paintings. The reason I do not personally ejoy all the works is that some of them are very plain and I don't see the meaning to them. Fo example, his crockery on a table painting. I find that it is very simple and not a lot of detail is included. It is also quite dull so it is very different to all of his other bright and colourful works. My favourite of his works are his latest ones, the cut outs. An example of these cut outs is the painting called La Gerbe (the sheaf), made in 1953. The artwork captures vivid colours and moods, and the collage of bright pieces of paper really contrast well together to create a great artwork.


Matisse's Crockery on a Table artwork


Matisse's cut out called La Gerbe